Trusted Timestamping Using the Bitcoin Blockchain

Certify the existence of your document. Protect your copyright.

What Is ZenStamp?

ZenStamp provides proof of existence and timestamping for documents utilizing the Bitcoin blockchain.

How Does ZenStamp Work?

For a document to be certified, ZenStamp creates a digital fingerprint (a SHA256 hash) and permanently save it as part of a transaction record on the Bitcoin blcokchain. The timestamp of the Bitcoin transaction becomes a timestamp for the document, which can prove the existence of the document at the transaction time.

Why ZenStamp?


Since data recored on the Bitcoin blockchain is immutable, permanent and open to public, using the Bitcoin blockchain for timestamping is very reliable.


We don't have access your document. The digital fingerprint creation process happens on your web browser. Therefore, your privacy and security are protected.


Once the digital fingerprint is written to the Bitcoin blockchain, you can access it using multiple tools and websites. Even if our website no longer exist, your record is still accessible.
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